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Kenichi* Shigeoka
(*Pronounced as Ken-ichi She-geh-Oka)

Frank Lloyd Wright & IMPERIALHOTEL

Kenichi Shigeoka graduated fromthe Japanese Painting Department of s Tokyo School of Fine Arts (currently known as Tokyo University of the Arts) in 1922. After graduation, he worked for the interior department of Frank Lloyd Wrightfs architecture and design office at the Imperial HotelTokyo,and produced the hotelfs coloured murals including the one in Peacock Room.  Following that, he also undertook the interior and other design work at Kawana HotelAAkakuraKanko Hotel,AHotel Okura, HotelOkuraNigata. He also worked as a.stage setting designer and produced numerous work for Kabuki, Shinpa, Shinkokugeki and contemporary drama performances from mid-1920s to 1950s. This website outlines his achievements through his work and the various records he left behind.                                                                                             
Imperial Hotel and
Frank Lloyd Wrigh
Skeching tour for the eFifty-three Stages of Tokaidof Mural for the Imperial Hotel Kawana Hotel
Complete list of work Gora Hotel Kawana Hotel-Photo.
Hotel Okura Akakura Kanko Hotel Hotel Okura Niigata
Okura Museum of Art Stage Setting design work Tokyo University of Art
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